Improv-Based Trainings

Our CORPORATE TRAINING UNIT is staffed by professional improvisational actors who are experts at existing in the present moment and dealing honestly with the self and with others. Every business person at all levels can benefit from the fun, energizing, and illuminating exercises and lessons taught in these sessions. Clients learn to recognize and begin to still the conversations going on in their heads which often stop them from performing to their highest potential and from working better with others in small groups or large teams. Specific training areas available include:

– Team Building exercises
– Trust training
– Leadership training seminars
– Management training seminars
– Effective Listening and Communication seminars
– Creating and Managing Effective Teams
– Diversity workshops
– Creativity / Brainstorming Techniques.


Our TEAM BUILDING activities not only teach valuable lessons to each individual about how he or she deals with groups, but they actually engender trust within the team/department, and bond the group members into a much tighter unit. Our team building activities training seminars are a great way to open (and/or close!) full or multi-day sessions because they’re energizing, fun, and get the group learning about and laughing with each other.

Our LEADERSHIP TRAINING seminars teach your group how to listen and communicate effectively, thus empowering everyone in each leader’s circle of employees. When we start from nothing, everything is possible. We show your group how to deal with what is, rather than what they think should be. We teach leadership skills which make managers and supervisors effective, compassionate, and great to work with and for!

Our COMMUNICATIONS TRAINING seminars delve deeply into the most important part of communicating – listening. We concentrate on active and reflective listening, being present, eye contact, body language, trust and dealing with difficult issues. Being seasoned performers, we also have presentation skills seminars.

“The feedback was nothing but positive
from our team members. Thanks!” 

-Rich Howley
Whole Foods

Terrific! Just the thing we were looking for – a little fun mixed with some practical application.The feedback from the group was great (well, as enthusiastic as accountants can be)!”

– Sean Halpin
Human Resources Manager
Cytec Engineered Materials

We had a great time! The exercises were really helpful to the team and set a great environment of fun, openness and interactivity for the rest of the meeting.

Amy Myers
Senior Manager, Marketing Development
Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company